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Click HERE for Lone Oak ISD Resale Property Auction listing – Saturday, April 2, 2016


Beginning August 1st, 2014 the Hunt County Tax Office will no longer be responsible for the Property Tax Sales. The taxing attorney’s will be responsible for this service. Please visit their websites at the addresses listed below for more information on Property Sales.


Tyler Office 1-903-597-7664

City of Campbell Boles ISD
City of Greenville Bland ISD
City of Lone Oak Celeste ISD
City of West Tawakoni Commerce ISD
City of Wolfe City Greenville ISD



Greenville Office: 903-454-2059

City of Celeste Campbell ISD
City of Caddo Mills Caddo Mills ISD
City of Commerce Cumby ISD
City of Hawk Cove Lone Oak ISD
City of Quinlin Quinlan ISD
Hunt County Wolfe City ISD
Hunt Memorial Hospital Verandah MUD