General Questions about County Property Sales




  • What are the property taxes going to be on this property?

If you look the property up on our website you can view prior year’s taxes and get a pretty good idea of what to expect the annual taxes to be. Or you can call one of our Deputies with the property account number and they will be glad to help you.


  • Am I eligible to purchase property?

Check here to see if you owe taxes in Hunt County.  If you don’t then you are eligible.




  • How do I buy property from the Tax Foreclosure/Constable’s Sale?

“Tax Foreclosure Sales” if offered, are held in each county across the state on the first Tuesday of each month on the north steps of the County Courthouse between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. You must be present to bid on properties. You must present the presiding Officer with a bidder certificate showing that you owe no delinquent taxes in that county at the time of sale or purchase. In Hunt County, we always hold our “Tax Foreclosure” sales promptly at 10:00 AM!


  • If I buy property from the Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale will I have to pay back taxes?

The minimum bid includes taxes for judgment tax years, plus all court costs. There may be additional taxes due which have been assessed since the date of the judgment.


  • What if the property is not sold in the Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale? Does the price change?

If minimum bid is not received at the initial sale the property remains available for purchase at the original minimum bid price for “Judgment Property”, plus any post-judgment tax years.


  • How is the selling price determined for the Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale?

Property will be sold for the taxes owed plus the (court costs, publication fees, etc.) or the appraised value of the property – whichever is least.

(Example: If the taxes and cost owed are $4000.00 and the Appraised Value of the property is $3600.00, the minimum bid on the property will be $3600.00.)


  • If I buy property from a Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale will I have to worry about a previous owner regaining ownership?

All properties offered on the “Tax Foreclosure / Constable Sales” will have a redemption period. This is a period of time in which the previous owner can buy his property back from the purchaser for the amount paid by the purchaser plus a redemption fee. (See Redemption in the Texas Property Tax Code), Chapter 34




  • What is “Judgment Property”?

If a successful bid is not received at the initial sale the property remains available for purchase at the original minimum bid price on, plus any post-judgment taxes, our Judgment Property Sale.


  • When can this property be purchased?

At any time after the original Sherriff/Constable sale, which can transpire immediately after the property is announced “struck off” to the taxing jurisdictions.


  • What if the property is not sold on Judgment Property Sale? Does the price change?

Properties remaining unsold will be sold at resale auctions when the redemption periods have expired. Resale properties may have their minimum bids reduced if approved by the taxing jurisdictions.




  • How do I buy property from the Resale?

Contact the Delinquent Tax Attorneys Office.


  • Do previous owners have any right to this property once I have the deed?

Any opportunity for the previous owner to redeem the property will have expired prior to the property being sold on the Resale.


  • How is the minimum bid determined for the Resale?

The taxing jurisdictions involved with the property will be contacted by our office and a suggested minimum bid will be offered for their consideration. Usually, for the property’s first appearance on the Resale we will suggest 20% of the appraised value plus the cost involved in bringing the property to sale. The taxing jurisdictions will approve our suggestion or provide an alternate bid they would be willing to accept.


  • What if the property is not sold in the Resale, does the price change?

Properties that are not purchased (minimum bid received) will remain available for same bid amount.



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