General Questions about County Property Sales


  • Does the property you are selling have a house on it?

On our property listings you will find column headings that describe the information provided in each column. In the improvement (IMP) column it will indicate YES or NO. If a YES applies, that indicates that a structure of some type exist, or did exist at the time suit was filed against the property according to the appraisal records. There have been cases where a structure did exist at the time suit was filed, but at the time of sale the improvement no longer existed. State law mandates that we use the information existing at the time suit was filed. Therefore, we are required to use dated information and it is strongly recommended that you verify information provided prior to bidding on any property offered.


  • The property I am interested in has a house on it. Can I access the house to look at it?

Properties that have been foreclosed on by judicial foreclosure (suit filed against property through District Court) do not belong to the taxing jurisdictions until they are actually sold or “struck off” at the sale on the courthouse steps. Therefore, any action to access  the property, or any structures on the property, would  be considered trespassing. This is why you will not find any signs announcing the upcoming sale of the property posted on the property. To do so could be considered trespassing on property that did not (until actual sale of property) belong to the taxing jurisdictions.

If a property is “struck off” (not purchased by a bidder and therefore purchased by the taxing jurisdictions for the amount owed to them by judgment) and has a structure on it the jurisdictions will not accept the liability involved in making that structure available for viewing by the public. Therefore, only on special occasions will structures be made available to the public. This will usually occur once the redemption periods have expired and the property is offered on Resale.


  • Can you help me locate this particular property?

All properties shown as available for purchase or scheduled for “Tax Foreclosure Sale” on the courthouse steps will have a “link” which will bring up a condensed map that should give you nearby county roads or cross streets. From there you should be able to obtain a county or city map and be able to locate the property. You can also contact the Hunt County Appraisal District (903/ 454-3510 / 4801 King St., Greenville) for assistance with the properties location.


  • Are there any liens on this property and if so will I be held responsible for them?

In most cases any liens existing against the property prior to sale will be resolved at the time the property is offered for bid on the courthouse steps. Again in most cases if there are liens remaining against the property for which the bidder/purchaser will be held responsible they (the amount of the lien and the identity of the lien holder) will be stated on the “cover sheet” prior to sale or included in the total amount of the minimum bid. Still there is no guarantee that no liens exist on any property. This is why it is almost impossible to get title insurance on these properties. Buyer Beware!


  • What are the property taxes going to be on this property?

If you look the property up on our website you can view prior year’s taxes and get a pretty good idea of what to expect the annual taxes to be. Or you can call one of our Deputies with the property account number and they will be glad to help you.


  • Am I eligible to purchase property?

Check here to see if you owe taxes in Hunt County.  If you don’t then you are eligible.


  • Can I get title insurance on this property? If I can’t, how dose that affect me?

Qualifications for title insurance like most insurance policies will depend on the Title Company and the Underwriter. We can not tell you if the property will qualify. We can only advise that if it is necessary that you have title insurance to utilize the property for the purpose for which you are considering purchasing it, that you seek the opinion of the title company.

If you plan to purchase a piece of property with intentions of obtaining a loan to build a house, properties obtained through tax foreclosure or seizures may present problems for you when requesting title insurance to secure that loan.


  • Why are there three sales and what are the differences between them?
  1. The first time properties are offered for sale will be on the monthly Tax Foreclosure/Constable’s sale which is always held the first Tuesday of the month at 10AM on the north steps of the County Courthouse.
  2. Properties offered at this sale that are not bid on and purchased will immediately be moved into our Judgment Property sale. This makes the properties available to be purchased for the minimum bid amount while the redemption periods remain effective.
  3. Properties remaining in Judgment Bid who’s “redemption periods” have expired will be processed for our Resale. Resale properties will have their minimum bids reduced by the taxing jurisdictions and be offered for sealed bids. This sale is an annual event which usually takes place in early spring, and will normally offer a collection of one to two hundred properties throughout the county.




  • How do I buy property from the Tax Foreclosure/Constable’s Sale?

“Tax Foreclosure Sales” if offered, are held in each county across the state on the first Tuesday of each month on the north steps of the County Courthouse between the hours of 10AM and 4PM. You must be present to bid on properties. You must present the presiding Officer with documentation showing that you owe no delinquent taxes in that county at the time of sale or purchase. In Hunt County we always hold our “Tax Foreclosure” sales promptly at 10AM!


  • If I buy property from the Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale will I have to pay back taxes?

If there are any additional cost involved that will not be considered part of your bid they will be disclosed on our “cover sheet” (property information sheet) available prior to sale.


  • What if the property is not sold in the Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale? Dose the price change?

If a successful bid is not received at the initial sale the property remains available for purchase at the original minimum bid price on our “Judgment Property”.  This is a first come first serve purchase arrangement.


  • How is the selling price determined for the Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale?

Property will be sold for the taxes owed plus the cost involved (court cost, publication fees, etc.) or the appraised value of the property – which ever is least.

(Example: If the taxes and cost owed are $4000.00 and the Appraised Value of the property is $3600.00, the minimum bid on the property will be $3600.00.)


  • If I buy property from a Tax Foreclosure/Constable Sale will I have to worry about a previous owner regaining ownership?

All properties offered on the “Tax Foreclosure / Constable Sales” will have a redemption period. This is a period of time in which the previous owner can buy his property back from the purchaser for the amount paid by the purchaser plus a redemption fee. (See Redemption in the Texas Property Tax Code)




  • What is “Judgment Property”?

If a successful bid is not received at the initial sale the property remains available for purchase at the original minimum bid price on our Judgment Property Sale.


  • When can this property be purchased?

This is a first come first serve purchase arrangement which can transpire immediately after the property is announced “struck off” to the taxing jurisdictions.


  • What if the property is not sold on Judgment Property Sale? Dose the price change?

Properties remaining in Judgment Property Sale who’s redemption periods have expired will be processed for our Resale. Resale properties will have their minimum bids reduced by the taxing jurisdictions and be offered for sealed bids.


  • If I buy property on Judgment, will I have to pay back taxes?

If there are any additional cost involved they will be disclosed on our “cover sheet” (property information sheet) available prior to sale.


  • How do I buy property on Judgment?

Verify by phone the availability of the property and the purchase price. Deliver to us cash, cashiers check or U.S. Postal money order for that amount made payable to the Hunt County Tax Office with your request for written statement form and your deed will be processed usually within 60 days.




  • How do I buy property from the Resale?

Click here to read a detailed outline of the sale procedures.


  • If I buy property from the Resale, will I have to pay back taxes?

If your bid is the high bid received, your bid amount will be all you will pay for that property.


  • Do previous owners have any right to this property once I have the deed?

Any opportunity for the previous owner to redeem the property will have expired prior to the property being sold on the Resale.


  • How is the minimum bid determined for the Resale?

The taxing jurisdictions involved with the property will be contacted by our office and a suggested minimum bid will be offered for their consideration. Usually for the properties first appearance on the Resale we will suggest 20% of the appraised value plus the cost involved in bringing the property to sale. The taxing jurisdictions will approve our suggestion or provide an alternate bid they would be willing to accept.


  • How many people have bid so far and what is the current highest bid?

Couldn’t tell you if we knew the answer.

In an effort to make this as fair and fail safe as we can we have adopted a method of casting “bids” similar to those used in casting your vote. We utilize a voter’s ballot box which is locked at the beginning of the sale and remains locked until the conclusion of the sale. All bids are deposited in this box and it is therefore impossible for anyone, even our employees, to know the contents of the box until the conclusion of bidding.


  • What happens if I miss the Resale? Can I bid on remaining properties?

Yes. Once we have met our closing date we will “close” the Resale. No bids will be accepted until the Resale is announced (notice will be posted on the website) “open for bid” again, at which point we will accept bids until the posted closing date on the properties listed as remaining on the Resale. On that closing date the Resale will be closed, bids opened, result letters will be mailed out and we will post the remaining properties and another closing date and resume bidding. This process will continue until all properties have been purchased or we are ready to process a “new” Resale listing.


  • What if the property is not sold in the Resale, does the price change?

Properties that are not purchased (minimum bid received) will remain available to receive bids on a monthly basis until we are ready to produce another “new” Resale. At that time all remaining properties will again be processed (minimum bids lowered) for the next Resale.


  • What is the purpose of this “request for written statement” form?

Before your bid can be accepted and property transferred to you, we are required by state law to ensure that you do not have delinquent property taxes owed to any taxing jurisdiction in Hunt County. The “request for written statement” form provides the information required for verification of property ownership.


  • Do I need to put a request for written statement form in each bid?

Yes. Make a copy and submit a copy with each bid submitted.


  • Do I need to enclose a payment with my bid?

No. If you are the high bidder on a property you will receive a letter instructing how and when payment is required.


  • What do I write on the envelope?

On the face of your bid envelope following is the only information we would like to see appear:              Resale Bid

Account # R******

Date 00/00/00

If you are mailing your bid in please place your bid envelope inside another envelope to be used for mailing purposes. Make a notation on the outside of your mailing envelope “Sealed Bid Enclosed”.


  • Can bids be faxed?

No. To allow faxed bids placed the responsibility of receipt on our employees and it removes the confidentiality that is required.


  • I am out of state, what accommodations will your county make for me?

Information provided by our website. It is suggested that you retain someone to act in your interest if you are not available to conduct business yourself.


  • After I win the bid what happens?

You will notified by mail and instructed on how and when to remit payment.

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